Permitting Process

Pretreatment and the Permitting Process - Doing Business with Business

The City of Moline encourages commercial facilities to meet requirements of the pretreatment program before they build, remodel, or move to a different location. When a customer applies for a sewer service account, he/she will be asked to complete a pretreatment survey form to identify potential pretreatment or spill prevention concerns. Pretreatment staff will review the survey to determine potential adverse impacts to the sewer systems and impose additional requirements such as pretreatment permitting and accessible sampling locations. This program prevents the situation in which a customer builds or remodels a facility, only to be told that modifications are needed before the first inspection can be approved.

For more information on requirements for businesses or to apply for an industrial pretreatment permit, contact Tony Loete, Utilities General Manager, at 309.524.2301.