Guard, Dangerous & Vicious Dogs

Guard & Sentry Dogs

Any guard or sentry dog kept in the city must be registered. Registration will include a physical description of the dog and the location the dog will be stationed. Guard and sentry dogs must be immunized against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvovirus, and proof must be provided for registration and must be kept at the station of the dog. Removal, change of location, or death of the dog must be reported within 24 hours. Contact Moline Animal Control at 309-797-0401 for more information about registering guard or sentry dogs.

Dangerous Dogs

The owner of a dog found to be dangerous must post in clear view at all times and at the most prominent point of entry to the property a sign indicating the presence of a dangerous dog. The sign should be at least size 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. The sign must contain in words and pictures a clear indication of the presence of the dangerous dog.

Controlling Dog

A dog found to be dangerous must be controlled by a leash no more than three feet in length and of the proper strength when the dog is not contained within an enclosed area on the owner’s property. Within fourteen days of the determination that a dog is dangerous, the owner must present the dog to Moline Animal Control to be injected with a computer microchip that identifies the dog as a dangerous dog. The owner must pay the appropriate fee.

Sale of Dog

Any transfer, sale, or giveaway of a dog found to be dangerous must be reported to Moline Animal Control, including the new location of the dog. The owner must notify the new owner of the dog’s dangerous status.

Vicious Dogs

A dog deemed to be vicious is prohibited in the City of Moline. Such dogs found within the city will be subject to impoundment and disposal.