Flood Regulations

Flood Hazard Prevention Code

Moline’s Flood Hazard Prevention Code was enacted to promote and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens from the hazards of flooding. The code sets standards that must be met prior to any structure being built in a flood hazard area. The flood code also allows federally subsidized flood insurance to be made available to the property owners in Moline.

For more information about local floodplain regulations, contact the floodplain manager at 309.524.2030.

Floodplain Development Authorization Form

A Floodplain Development Authorization Form must be submitted and filed with the Land Development Division prior to all development activity to assure the city and the property owner that all applicable flood code standards have been met. Section 13-1101(6) of Moline’s Floodplain Development Code defines development as:

"Any man-made change to real estate including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Demolition, construction, reconstruction, repair, placement of a building, or any structural alteration to a building;
  • substantial improvement of an existing building;
  • installation of a manufactured home on a site, preparing a site for a manufactured home, or installing a travel trailer on a site for more than 180 days per year;
  • installation of utilities, construction of roads, bridges, culverts or similar projects;
  • construction or erection of levees, dams, walls, or fences;
  • drilling, mining, filling, dredging, grading, excavating, paving, or other alterations of the ground surface;
  • storage of materials including the placement of gas and liquid storage tanks; and
  • channel modifications or any other activity that might change the direction, height, or velocity of flood or surface waters.

’Development’ does not include routine maintenance of existing buildings and facilities; resurfacing roads; or gardening, plowing, and similar practices that do not involve filling, grading, or construction of levees."