Industrial Use & Pretreatment

Pretreatment Program

The Pretreatment Program is designed to control discharge of toxic, harmful or untreatable wastes to the sewer system. The goal of the program is to protect the sewer system, treatment plants, and the environment from pollutants that are harmful to the system or that may pass through the system directly into the environment. The City of Moline maintains an active Industrial Pretreatment Program mandated by the US EPA with enforcement delegated by the Illinois EPA. Several aspects of these programs are innovative and significantly help maintain Moline’s high quality effluent and bio-solids. Full details of the program can be viewed in Chapter 34 of the Moline Code of Ordinances.

Who is affected by the Pretreatment Program

Moline’s pretreatment program applies to commercial dischargers and significant industrial users. While major industries can have a greater impact on a wastewater treatment plant, they are also generally very visible, stable, and easy to control with a strong pretreatment ordinance. Moline has only one major or categorical industry discharging to the treatment plant, but it has many commercial facilities such as photo shops, medical facilities, auto body shops, dry cleaners, lawn services, and even restaurants, which when combined, can have a significant impact on the sewer system.

Pretreatment staff routinely inspects all major and minor commercial facilities with potential to impact the sewer, and tracks major commercial dischargers on a comprehensive basis. Most inspections are used as an educational opportunity for the business owner. Pretreatment helps businesses identify hazardous components of their waste streams, and then helps them to find appropriate means for handling them. Follow-up inspections require access to records of treatment unit maintenance or receipts from waste haulers. Pretreatment staff also works closely with businesses in eliminating spill pathways. Businesses are strongly encouraged to utilize appropriate spill containment systems.