Façade Improvement Program Guidelines


This program serves to provide financial assistance to commercial building owners for the rehabilitation of existing façades of property tax generating structures located within the City of Moline.  Priority is given to historically and architecturally significant buildings in Moline’s commercial areas.  All rehabilitation work will be reviewed by the City of Moline’s Façade Improvement Program Committee with respect to the building’s architectural integrity to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to preserve its distinguishing stylistic features and that the building remains a cohesive element in its surrounding streetscape. 

The Façade Improvement Program is a forgivable loan with reimbursement of eligible costs disbursed upon completion of all authorized work and payment in full of all project costs.

Preference is given to projects where the removal of overlay materials reveals: 

  • superior design, materials, or workmanship; 
  • historic materials, design, or workmanship; or 
  • Where the removal will facilitate the restoration or construction of a façade that is more compatible with the character of the building and surrounding streetscape, but does not change the footprint of the building.

This program is for reimbursement, up to $20,000 total per parcel for eligible façade improvement expenses.  For eligible expenses between $1.00 and $30,000, fifty percent (50%) of such expenses will be reimbursed.  If eligible expenses are greater than $30,000, then for any amount greater than $30,000, 20% of such expenses will be reimbursed until the total amount of reimbursement equals $20,000.  To maximize the City’s contribution the applicant would need to propose a $55,000 project. [($30,000 x 50%)] + [($25,000 x 20%)] = $20,000 

Example: If the applicant’s total approved expenses equal $35,000, he/she would be eligible for a $16,000 reimbursement. [($30,000 x 50%) + ($5,000 x 20%)] = $16,000. 

Program parameters:

  • Existing façade must be visible from public right-of-way 
  • Competitive bids/written proposals required 
  • Design approval by the Façade Improvement Program Committee required including sketch, elevation, or rendering of proposed Façade (showing dimensions, colors, materials, etc.) 
  • Work cannot start until the applicant has received an approval letter from the City
  • Work must be completed within 90 days of approval letter
  • Request for an extension must be in writing, and granting of any such requested extension is at the sole discretion of the Façade Improvement Program Committee
  • Acknowledgment of program guidelines signed and returned by applicant, if approved
  • Funding for projects is provided via reimbursement after all project costs have been paid and the following submitted:
    1. Photographs of final project
    2. Contractor/Vendor Invoices
    3. Cleared checks showing proof of payment of invoices and/or final lien waiver
  • Funds are awarded as a 5 year forgivable loan 
  • Applicant responsible for recording fee of mortgage
  • Design fees will be reimbursed up to $500, as part of the overall total 

Approval Process: approval of projects and amount of funds is determined by the Façade Improvement  Program Committee where a quorum of members must be present.

General Guidelines:

  • All work must be done in compliance with all applicable City and State codes/ordinances
  • All work must follow what is outlined in the Acknowledgement of Program Requirements form, which will be provided by City Staff once the project is approved.
  • Must complete all elements of original application approved by the Façade Improvement Program Committee
  • Any changes from the original application MUST be approved by the Façade Improvement Program Committee
  • Projects for industrially zoned or used properties will be considered under the following circumstances:
    1. The project is limited to the office portion of the site.
    2. The office portion of the site must be highly visible from the public right-of-way and must be distinctive from the remainder of the site.
    3. No portion of the building that is used for production will be eligible for the program.
    4. The proposed project must improve the office portion to be of a higher architectural standard than the existing production/industrial area and must create a clear distinction between the office façade and the remainder of the building.
    5. Preference will be given to projects with at least one façade located on a collector or arterial street,
  • Applications for projects already underway will not be considered
  • All monies extended by the City shall be subject to repayment by the applicant/owner to the City should the business fail to meet its agreed upon goals; including but not limited to the sale and/or conveyance of property before the end of the five year commitment period
  • Applicants can be approved for funding once, per parcel, within a three year period
  • Applicants MUST be present at Façade Improvement Program Committee Meeting to be considered for funding
  • Applicants/Property owners are permitted to do their own work if they are a registered contractor with the City of Moline
  • Improvements that change the footprint of the building are not permitted 
  • Awnings made of canvas, vinyl, or plastic are not permitted expenses
  • Signage and artworks integrated into facades are excluded expenses

Façade Improvement Committee Agendas and Minutes

To view past projects, tour the Façade Improvement Program Photo Gallery.

To apply, please complete the Façade Improvement Program Application.