Quad City Enterprise Zone

The City of Moline is a participant in the Illinois Quad City Enterprise Zone. Moline works in cooperation with East Moline, Milan, Rock Island, Silvis, and Rock Island County to expand the enterprise zone to assist projects using tax incentives. According to the application to expand enterprise zones, the intent of the program is to create and retain jobs, remove conditions that make it difficult for a project to move forward, and to improve opportunities for revitalization of neighborhood residential and commercial districts.

For a more detailed explanation or for questions about enterprise zones, please contact the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO).

Tax Benefit Examples

The following are examples from the state website of enterprise zone tax benefits:

  • Sales tax deduction - Building materials would be exempt from Illinois sales tax.
  • Jobs tax credit - A $500 tax credit per eligible employee hired to work in a zone would be given.
  • Investment tax credit - A 0.5% credit for investments in qualified property would be given.
  • Manufacturing machinery and equipment sales tax exemption - This exemption would require the creation of 200 full-time equivalent jobs or the retention of 2,000 full-time jobs in Illinois.
  • Utility tax exemption - A 5% tax exemption on gas and electricity for businesses that create 200 full-time jobs or retain 1,000 full-time jobs would be given.
  • Corporate contribution deduction - Corporations would make contributions to designated zone organizations for projects approved by DCEO and claim a deduction that would be double the value of the contribution.

Fee Schedule

  • Zone Amendments - $2,500 fee to cover the costs of the application.
  • New Projects within the Zone - $250 set up fee
  • New Certificates within a Project - $75 per vendor
  • Maximum fee per project would be limited to $50,000 per the State Statute.

The current projects within the QCREDA Zone will not be charged a Zone Amendment or a New Project Fee. The only fee they will be responsible for is a Certificate fee per vendor of $75/certificate.

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