Moline's Subdivision Regulations

A subdivision is a division of land into two or more lots and subject to the requirements of Moline’s Zoning and Land Development Code (Chapter 35, Moline Code of Ordinances). Land is frequently subdivided to prepare a site for development or redevelopment. Minimum lot sizes and street frontages must be met for a subdivision to be approved.

Minor Subdivisions

Simple splits resulting in no more than five lots not involving any new streets, rights-of-way, easements, or public improvements may be processed and approved by City staff as minor subdivisions. Consolidation of lots and processing of public easements may also be processed as minor subdivisions.

Major Subdivisions

Larger, more complicated subdivisions and developments not meeting the criteria for minor subdivisions are processed as major subdivisions with Plan Commission and City Council approval.

Illinois Plat Act

There are certain situations described in the Illinois Plat Act which are exempt from local subdivision requirements.