Information Technology

The Information Technology Division operates within the Law Department. This division's budget is managed as an Internal Service Fund, which allows it to accurately illustrate the City's total IT expenses within one cost center, and is overseen by the IT Steering Committee.

The priorities of the IT Division are to: maintain the integrity and security of data systems; maintain security systems for facilities; deploy and support technologies, including hardware, software, and communications; maintain operable systems and reliable backup information.

The staff of the Information Technology Division use a customer service tracking system to track all help desk tickets and provide a variety of technical services to all departments, including server and PC support and management, database design and integration, system configuration, technology purchases, facilitation of training, administration of the website and telecommunication support and management. This support enables city departments to better serve the citizens of Moline.


The City's Geographic Information System (GIS) is an important resource to staff in all departments. Data gathering and development for the Water and WPC divisions was the initial driver of GIS development, but datasets and workflows for all departments soon followed. In 2012, the City enhanced its GIS capabilities by entering into an Enterprise License Agreement with ESRI, the software provider, which will allow staff to maximize the benefits of GIS.