Occupational Health

Employee Health & Well-Being

The City recognizes that innovative, caring and results-oriented employees are essential to the provision of high customer satisfaction. The health and well-being of employees and their dependents can only enhance their efficiency and value to the City in its endeavor to provide world-class services.

Health & Wellness Services

The availability of on-site health and wellness services improves the well-being of employees and saves the health plan money. By providing and coordinating the best care possible at work and suggesting ways to improve employees’ health at home, the City is able to fulfill its vision to retain a highly functional workforce.

Onsite Nurse

As part of the wellness program, the City of Moline employs an on-site nurse who provides services for employees, retirees and covered dependents. Examples of services provided include:

  • Blood pressure assessment
  • Blood sugar assessment
  • Body fat and cholesterol screening
  • Hearing and vision testing
  • Injury prevention advice
  • Job-related health monitoring
  • Management of work-related injuries
  • Vaccination programs