Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance Program

Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance Program (Emergency Assistance)

Program Overview

Inability to pay rent and utilities has been identified as one of the main causes of homelessness throughout the United States. The City of Moline’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance Program provides assistance to Moline (City limits only) residents who are in danger of becoming displaced due to their inability to pay their monthly rent or utility payment. An individual/household may receive assistance with a one-time rental assistance payment and/or a one-time utility (gas and/or electric) assistance payment within a 12-month (calendar) period. 

Program Eligibility

The program will be based on documented need and income (from everyone living in the household 18 years of age and older).  In order to receive rent and/or utility assistance, a low to moderate income individual and/or family must have a valid signed lease. Each application is reviewed and approved or denied on a case by case basis. These program eligibility requirements include, but not limited to:

  • State issued photo Identification Card (ID or Driver’s License) of tenant/renter. The ID address shall match the address of the property you are requesting assistance with;
  • Must qualify as low to moderate income household. (see the 2020 Income Guidelines table below) Proof of all income for the past two months for everyone over 18 years of age and older (pay stubs, unemployment benefits, child support statement), social security, SSI).  If you were out of work for the past two months and received unemployment benefits, your last pay stub from the most recent job and a Zero Income form will need to be submitted;
  • Bank statements for both checking and savings accounts for the past 2 months (60 days);
  • Must have a delinquency notice/letter/bill/statement from landlord or utility company;
  • Documentation of financial hardship (ex: loss of income, unexpected medical bill, unexpected car repair, loss of hours, etc…);
  • Documentation of future financial management - Must attend a mandatory financial educational meeting with staff or designee (class dates & times will be provided);
  • Must have been a Moline resident at least 3 of the previous 12 months prior to the request;
  • Location of rental unit cannot be located outside the Moline city limits:
  • This program will be set on a first come first served basis until the all the funds are utilized.

The CDBG Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance Program application may be downloaded by clicking here.  Please contact KJ Whitley, Community Development Program Manager, 309-524-2044, kwhitley@moline.il.us, with any questions.

2020 Annual Income Guidelines (75,400 Median Family Income)

Size AMI's