11th Street Reconstruction

11th Street Reconstruction Project

The 11th Street reconstruction project will take place on 11th Street, 11th to 12th Avenue. 

The project will include pavement replacement with a rock base and concrete pavement, sidewalk repairs, driveway repairs, water main replacement including services, sanitary sewer replacement including services, and other associated work.

This project is funded through local funds, including tax funds for electric and gas usage. 

This project was chosen due to deteriorating pavement condition, and the need to replace the water main and sanitary sewer.

Timeline:  Spring/Summer 2020

Contractor:  Porter Brothers Asphalt & Sealing, Inc. 

Capital Improvement Project:  #1337


  • Tax on Electric & Gas Usage $125,000
  • Water $170,000
  • Sanitary Sewer $370,000

Contact:  Darrel Preston, Construction Manager

                (309) 524-2355


Scott Green, Resident Construction Inspector
(309) 524-2356