2021 Source Water Protection week

Join the City of Moline Water Division and AWWA in celebrating Source Water Protection Week! The inaugural event will be Sept. 26-Oct. 2. We invite everyone to help "Protect the Source" by spreading the word about the importance of source water protection.

#ProtectTheSource because our drinking water is essential to preserve our health and economy now and for future generations. #SourceWaterProtectionWeek 

AWWA Informative Material

Source Water Video - Click Here

              Nutrient Runoff          

Protecting Drinking Water at the Source - PDF

Thinner Water Border

                                      Check out this fun water activity:

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The Water Division provides continuous high quality, economical water, and services to the citizens of Moline. Using the Mississippi River as our source, we treat, pump, and meter water to over 17,000 homes and businesses. We are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and upgrade of the city’s extensive water supply system. Moline’s drinking water supply system must function reliably on a 24/7 basis to protect the public health and support our standard of living and local economy, as our community requires more than 5 million gallons of water on an average day.

Public Water Supply System

Moline’s public water supply system is operated as a public utility enterprise fund. No tax dollars, in any form, are used to fund Moline’s public water supply system. All funds, revenues and expenditures associated with its operation are segregated from other city finances. The current annual Water Division budget is about $8.8 million dollars. The revenue that supports this budget is derived solely from the fees charged for water and water-related services.

Detailed information regarding your City Utility Bill and payments can be found on the Water Service page.