Domus Town Homes Project

The developer, Illinois Domus, LLC acquired 4 out of 5 lots in the north half of the city block between 13th and 14th Streets and an option on the fifth lot, a city-owned parking lot. The developer proposes to build 22 market rate town homes on this block and is also planning to build another 22 town homes on the next block to the west, in the future.

The town homes would each be 3 bedrooms attached in a single building 3 stories tall, approximately 315’ wide and 62’ deep. Each town home unit would have a 2-car garage on the first floor of the building. 11 garages will face and take access from 6thAvenue in the front. The other 11 garages would face and take access from the rear alley. The floor plans above would not repeat the first floor garage layout.  Rather, each town home unit would run parallel from front to back, roughly 14’ wide and 62’ deep, with views of both 6th Avenue and the rear alley. Each town home would have off-street parking for 4 vehicles in the garage plus the driveway approach.

Despite the zero setbacks in the B-2 district the zoning ordinance requires residential development to follow the R-6 Multifamily Residence District bulk standards (25’ front, 5/15’ sides,and 30’ rear yard), the owner and applicant requested a PUD to allow a lesser setback in the side street front yards and also the rear yards.


1300-1326 6th Avenue, Moline