Residential Safety

In order to protect your home and property, the Moline Police Department encourages citizens to follow the tips below:

  • Walk around your home as though you were a burglar trying to look for ways to get inside.  If you find vulnerable spots, take the necessary steps to secure those access points.
  • ALWAYS lock your doors and windows. Exterior doors should be made from strong wood or metal and should be locked with a deadbolt. Install guards on windows that prevent them from being raised more than a few inches.
  • Leave a light on (perhaps on a timer) when you go away, even for the evening. You may also leave a television or radio on as well.
  • Install motion sensor lights outside your home and out of reach so burglars cannot unscrew the light. Also, buy variable light timers to activate lights in your home.
  • If you live in an apartment building, NEVER prop open the door or let someone in behind you. If the building has a main entryway, make sure that security is enforced at the main door. Report residents who do this to your landlord.
  • Be vigilant - If you suspect suspicious activity around your home, your neighbors’ homes, or in your neighborhood, please report it to the police immediately by calling 309.797.0401.
  • Document serial numbers of all electronics and tools and take pictures of all valuables. Keep this in a safe place to provide to the police in the event you are burglarized.