Telecommunications / Dispatch


The Moline Police Department currently employs 11 full-time emergency dispatchers.  In addition to receiving and dispatching calls for Moline Police, the telecommunicators also assist with dispatching calls to Moline Fire Department, East Moline Police and East Moline Fire Departments.

As call takers, the telecommunicators also provide Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), using the Power Phone protocol.  They ask callers a series of questions and provide pre-arrival instructions to help provide care for the patient prior to the arrival of an ambulance.  These instructions can also include adult, child, or infant CPR.  Several telecommunicators have received Life Saving Awards for providing CPR instructions over the phone.  

Training to be a telecommunicator takes approximately 5 months of on the job training; the trainee is moved to all the shifts and works with a Communications Training Officer (CTO), until they have mastered all tasks and are able to work on their own. 

Centre Station Dispatch Terminal


Beginning in January, 2019, the QComm911 center became operational.  Dispatchers from Moline and East Moline moved from Centre Station in Moline to the new QComm911 facility in Milan.  This facility serves as a consolidated dispatch center for the cities of Moline, East Moline, Silvis and Milan.