Cross-Connection Control Program

Drinking Water Backflow Contamination Protection

Each day, the City of Moline Water Division provides approximately 5 million gallons of purified water to our customers. Before being pumped to your home or business, this water is routinely tested to ensure it meets all United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water standards and is of the highest possible quality. In spite of our efforts, Moline’s drinking water supply can be placed at risk by contaminants that “backflow” into the system from your home or business.

To protect Moline’s drinking water supply from backflow related health hazards, the City of Moline’s Code of Ordinances and the Illinois Plumbing Code require backflow prevention devices to be installed in all new homes and commercial buildings. These devices should also be installed on any existing property where the water system is either permanently or temporarily connected to a pollution source.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires every water supply to develop and implement a Cross-Connection (Backflow Prevention) Control Program. A requirement of the program is to survey customers every two (2) years to help identify and eliminate possible cross-connections. Our number one goal is to provide all Moline residents with safe, high quality drinking water. Our Cross-Connection Control Program is a vital step towards accomplishing this goal. Your response to this survey will help us ensure that the very last water user connected to our water system (and all water users in between) receive water that is just as safe as the very first water user and that no contamination has entered the system due to cross-connections.

Backflow Solutions (BSI) helps us manage these surveys by distributing and maintaining the responses.  Should you receive a survey in the mail, please fill out and return to the address in the upper left corner OR go to their online portal here.  If you have any questions BSI will be happy to help by calling 1-888-966-6050.

Testing Requirements

Certain backflow prevention devices, also known as reduced backflow prevention devices (RPZs) or double checks, must be tested upon installation, and inspected annually thereafter by a plumber certified by the IEPA to ensure they are operating properly. Common vacuum breakers found on most outside hose connections do not require annual inspections. The Water Division sends a letter to all customers identified as having testable backflow prevention devices to remind them their annual inspections are due. If you have an RPZ or double-check backflow prevention device at your property, but have not received an inspection reminder letter in the past year, please contact us so we can add you to our mailing list. 

If your property’s water system is ever connected to any source of pollution and you do not have a backflow prevention device, you need to have one installed immediately to protect the health and safety of your family, employees, and neighbors. If you have questions about whether a backflow prevention device is necessary, please contact the City’s Plumbing Inspector at 309.524.2374. A plumbing permit is required for the installation, replacement, relocation, and removal of such devices, and can be accessed online or by visiting our Public Works Division at 3635 4th Ave, Moline (309.524.2370).

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